USA Market Overview


331.89 million

GDP (2021)

USD 23 Trillion

Per Capita GDP

USD 69, 287.5

GDP Growth


Source: World Bank 2021 (

USA Imports

The following information is a snapshot in time to give you a general overview of USA’s top importing products. This information is sourced from FAO Globefish market profile for USA (2020). Some of this information may change from time to time, therefore we encourage you to go directly to FAO Globefish for the most up-to-date information.

Imports – Top 10 Products (Value)


Shrimps, prawns

(HS 0306.17 )

USD 4 874 656 430


Pacific, Atlantic, Danube salmon

fresh or chilled fillets
(HS 0304.41)

USD 2 094 497 750



(HS 0306.14)

USD 1 673 680 080


Shrimps, prawns

prepared or preserved, not in airtight containers
(HS 1605.21)

USD 238 199 940


Pacific, Atlantic, Danube salmon

Frozen fillets
(HS 0304.81)

USD 1 107 783 480


Atlantic, Danube salmon

fresh or chilled; excluding fillets, livers and roes
(HS 00302.14)

USD 973 797 590


Tunas, skipjack, bonito

prepared or preserved; whole or in pieces
(HS 1604.14)

USD 925 785 400



prepared or preserved
(HS 1604.20)

USD 618 626 530



prepared or preserved
(HS 1605.10)

USD 561 751 650


Shrimps, prawns

prepared or preserved, in airtight containers
(HS 1605.29 )

USD 505 246 780

Source: FAO Globefish Market Profile for USA – 2020 (

Globefish provides information and analysis for global trade in fish and fish products. Search for information about the size of the market, the top imported product and formats as well as other important market information.  The information here is a snapshot from 2020 – check the link for more recent information.

FRDC Trade Database
Australian Exports to USA

This database provides a wealth of seafood exporting and importing information with the ability to look at seafood production and trade data.

The database allows you to filter the data by year, export market destination and species. You also have the option to look at the data by seafood trade value or volume.

The FRDC database sources information from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

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