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Issues with your seafood shipment


If you are having any issues with your seafood shipment, you need to report this immediately to the Seafood Export Facilitator, who will provide you with advice about what to do next.

Export Service

Supporting Australian agricultural exporters.
A place where you can access and manage your export requirements in one place.

Export Market Strategic Plan

Seafood Industry Australia is pleased to release the Australian Seafood Industry’s first whole-of-industry Export Market Strategic Plan. 

Australian seafood export legislation

Here are the current legislations you need to comply with to export seafood from Australia.

Supply chain support available to exporters

The Seafood Export Facilitator is your first stop for support with your supply chain, distribution, and shipments to markets.

Export documentation

Access the permits, certificates and other documentation you need to export seafood from Australia.

Seafood Safety

Seafood safety underpins all export approvals and documentation. Disruptions to seafood trade are often the result of food safety issues, so it is essential to have the right systems in place.

Marketing and brand

Understand the power of your provenance story to connect with your customers and markets, build value in your seafood brand and make more money.

Traceability and authenticity

Traceability systems are expected to rapidly become a standard business practice for today’s food & beverage businesses. Understand more about how a traceability system can help your business.

Financial Support

A number of grants and loans are available to support seafood exporters with market entry, development and growth.

Training and guidance

Access seafood export specific training courses and guidance, to assist you and your team to export seafood from Australia.

Export Statistics

Access market information and data to inform your international export strategies.

FRDC Trade Database

This is where you will find Australian seafood export data, allowing you to filter the data by year, export market and species.

ABARES Reports

For the latest fisheries and aquaculture statistics, outlook reports, economic indicator reports and fishery status report map data. From Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences.

ITC Trade Map

Provides, in the form of tables, graphs and maps, indicators on export performance, international demand, alternative markets and competitive markets.

Seafood Export Program Report

The latest summary report from the Australian Government on registrations, export shipments and markets, exports by product, and exports to China.